About News Art and Heidi Regan.

After cutting faces into Mount Rushmore as a university project about the stony face America was projecting in international diplomacy in the early 2000’s, Heidi realised the potential of giant outdoor sculptures that had never before been truly tapped by any artist ever. She went on to build a giant wall across China as a statement about the invisible barrier she always felt stopping her enjoying a delicious Chinese takeaway while she worried about the salt content.

In April 2010 she began work on the new art phenomenon of News Art. News Art is art inspired by the day’s news, bringing a better understanding of current affairs and the world of art, all in the one amazing package and assembled that very day. Her pieces include small to enormous sculptures, social experiments, Found Art Art and much more.

She can be contacted at heidi@heidiregan.com.

You can also get news ART updates from Heidi on http://twitter.com/heidi_regan or at http://newsart.tumblr.com/

Heidi is represented by United Agents


Heidi also likes to talk about herself in the third person.

NB: For legal reasons it should be pointed out that she didn’t actually make any of these art pieces. Except for the London Underground. Oh, no, maybe not that one either. But art isn’t about dwelling on details or truths and lies and such. Open your minds people.

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  1. Loving it! Very funny Heidi. I had no idea that you were so artistic. But then again, I am just an anonymous reader who stumbled upon this excellent blog while surfing the interweb.

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