The mid term elections have resulted in a heavy blow to Obama’s Democrats.

The Republicans are now the majority in the House of Representatives which means gridlock on any decisions. Voters angry at lack of progress on the economy have voted to now tie the hands of their President, making any policy change extremely difficult.

Once you understand that politics is a game, it becomes surprisingly simple.

Much like chess, it is merely a matter of guessing what your opponent will do, several moves in advance, and always having a new strategy ready.

Defeat for Obama in Mid Term Elections

To demonstrate this I set up a chessboard. To represent significant players in American politics I made the pieces human sized (I chose to only represent the politicians who are primordial dwarves).

I then let the games begin. Because of the election results, whenever a piece attempted to make a move I had to inform them that the move had been blocked by a new majority from the opposition and they would have to try another move.

Every move was blocked.

After eight hours of not moving the game had become incredibly boring, no progress whatsoever had been made and everyone watching was unemployed.

Eventually it was agreed that if pieces moved more towards the centre these moves would be more acceptable but by then it was time to choose a new leader of the game and I had to go find money to fund my campaign to be the next chess challenger.

I ran on a platform of changing the game to boggle and harsher treatment of benefit cheats.