This weekend the Macondo BP oil well was pronounced ‘effectively dead’.

It’s final breath was extinguished by a smothering of concrete.

The well is now effectively dry.

I thought about how this empty, dead well could also be seen as a metaphor for creativity and inspiration in our lives.

If we are too demanding and careless with how often we tap this well, we can cause it to burst and give us a spill of too many ideas that are all useless and dirty (like that endless line of Carry On movies that were spewed out in the 60s and 70s where everything was just a cheap pun alluding to erections and sex and such. Disgusting!).

As I thought about this dead and sealed up well I realised I had no idea how to represent it in art. What was wrong? This had never happened to me before! I promise!

I had LITERALLY caught the ‘dried up well of inspiration’ art metaphor from thinking too HARD about it (without any protection) and it had infected my levels of inspiration.

I was, and currently still am, without any ideas or inspiration because the news became art and then infected my well (this is a common problem among artists that is not well known among you non-artists).

So until either BP opens the well again or I get some metaphorical metaphor-antidote medicine (sadly the chemist shut 20min ago) I can’t show you any sculpture about BP’s news.
Once I am cured I hope to see the inspiration burst forth again, which I have represented with this sculpture I call ‘Fountain of Ideas’.

Fountain of Ideas