So Julia Gillard (the shark) defeated the crocodile (cold blooded reptile).

Australia has a government once more and it is a minority Labor government formed after negotiations with one Greens MP and three Independent MPs.

To represent this through art I thought back to one aspect of Prime Minister Gillard that some people tried to make an issue of during the election, that is, her lack of children.

During the campaign Tony Abbott, her election rival, questioned Gillard’s ability to relate to the electorate because she is childless.

NB:: He said this in defence of his advice to his daughters that their viriginity was ‘the most precious gift you can give someone’. Abbott felt he was more able to relate to the electorate on the subject of hymens being the most precious and exciting thing about a prospective girlfriend/wife (above all that baloney like personality and love) because he was both a parent and in possession of a hymen I assume.

Julia Gillard wins one seat majority

Anyway, it’s a very convincing argument from Abbott except for only ONE key point… Julia Gillard IS a mother now. She is the mother of a new parliament and a new era in Australian politics.

And as she tries to negotiate every single bill through a minority government she is going to be the most stressed and depressing mother you ever met. Not to mention the fact that Julia is also a single mum. She has some baby sitters and Treasurers to help out but ultimately the responsibility falls to her.

This is a sculpture of her holding the Parliament, which is her baby now, in her arms.

Meanwhile the weak, upset and confused newborn baby is making her tired. The demands of looking after the baby will make it hard for Julia to work full time at her job (looking after the parliament) and hence this job will inevitably suffer as she tries to juggle her baby/looking after the parliament with work/looking after the parliament.

In the end she may find that despite her desire to ‘have it all’ she will one day have to choose between being a mother to the new government and being a mother to the new government.

I hope she chooses wisely.

Also the new parliament will probably soil itself a lot in the first six months. And I bet old hypocrite Julia will one day advise it to guard its hymen big time!


  1. Its not distasteful is it, to suggest this is the kind of baby likely to succumb to cot death, especially if Gillard chooses to sleep in the same bed as this government.

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