NewsArt is on holiday for another week so here is a News prediction to last until its return…

Just like in the UK election, the Australian election has ended in a hung parliament.

Politicians are all saying the hung parliament means the voters have rejected confrontational politics and that there is something VERY different coming to politics! WOW!

They say the people want their politicians to work together for the benefit of all! This is so amazing!!

So if I have to predict today where we will be in a week I am very excited to realise that we will be living at the beginnings of a utopia. It will be a wonderful world where everyone works together for the greater good, there is no arguing for the sake of arguing, all decisions are selfless and they have nothing to do with personal or party gain. Shit yeah!

This should all be sorted by next Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

Politicians promise to listen to the voters

To represent an era that will finally see politics cleaned up and operating with intelligent and logical reasoning, I have sculpted a pig, one of the most intelligent animals and one of the cleanest.

Then, because this new kind of politics is going to free us from the petty rivalries that previously shackled civilisation, I have given the pigs wings. This signifies how our new politics will fly away from all these selfish distractions to a new and higher purpose.

I can’t wait for our new politics/flying pig world. I’m throwing away all my money in preparation because we presumably won’t need money in the new society. See you all in a week in our futuristic utopian robes that are all the one, pastel colour and make us suddenly talk like polite robots, as all good utopian robes do!

Photo: A flying pig thing – by Ollie Crafoord – Flickr Creative Commons License

2 thoughts on “News Art – ELECTION PREDICTION”

  1. WOW! This is fantastic News(art). It has made my day! I, too, will go and spend all my money because it looks like I won’t need it any more. Hell, I might even quit my job because everything will be free in the new society. Yay! Thanks for the amazing insight… I am glad all the arguing between and within the parties is finally going to end, and it’s all been worthwhile! La la la la.

  2. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Who cares about Australian politics? Tell me about what’s happening in Japan, already!

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