Celebrities are like Greek Gods… they live in a world of power and privilege that us mere mortals can only dream about. Also many of them are getting beards  these days.  And several were in that film Clash of the Titans.

But, just like the Greek Gods, they often abuse their power and fame.

Kanye West did this while I was away.

Kanye began using Twitter and decided to follow just one person, at random. He chose an anonymous 19 year old from Coventry, Steve Holmes. He knew that this would change the boy’s life immediately, giving him a taste of the life of a god.

But he did this without preparing the boy by first asking his permission, sending him a warning or letting some slutty goddess come and give him a horse with wings. Steve hated the sudden media attention he got.
Why did Kanye do this? To amuse himself.

I decided it was high time for some Revenge Art on behalf of this Steve Holmes. This time the target had to be celebrities and Twitter.

And there is no greater Twitter celebrity than British national treasure @StephenFry.

How would Stephen  FRY feel if he was treated/tweeted as carelessly as Steven HOLMES  was? How would this Greek God like being randomly chosen by the slings and mouse arrows (WORDPLAY ALERT!!) of fortune to have their life turned around?

I, @heidi_regan, a small time and beginner tweeter (representing small time tweeter Steve Holmes), began following @StephenFry the giant celebrity (representing Kanye West). I did this completely out of the blue and WITHOUT WARNING.

Kanye West joins Twitter

The results were almost immediate! Within only 20 minutes of my choosing to follow him Stephen Fry was SWAMPED with 1,653,675 followers! A week later and he had 20,000 more! Another week and it was almost 40,000 more!

I hadn’t thought to check his follower numbers before I added him but I would assume it was no more than 400 or so because no one has many more friends than that. Not to mention the fact that lots of people don’t like the internet (I find it condescending).

I can only imagine the anguish Stephen is now going through as he tries to understand and cope with this sudden explosion of attention and fame. So I will imagine it.
I have also represented it in art.

To portray my attack on the destructive Greek Gods I have created this sculpture of a triumphant Perseus killing the Medusa. Perseus was, like me, a mortal who slew a powerful god/followed them on Twitter.

Also Medusa was a goddess who was both beautiful and ugly, like fame, and she had hair that would have been very difficult to manage, like celebrities.

Actually I just remembered that Perseus was meant to be part God. This could be said to imply that I also am part god/the chosen one, which is very flattering, thank you.

3 thoughts on “News Art – ME VS KANYE WEST, STEPHEN FRY & TWITTER”

  1. Let me get this straight. Not only did the Greeks invent democracy, mathematics, toga parties and swords with cool hooky-things coming off them; but now I see from your representation (meticulously researched and completely historically accurate, no doubt) that they invented manscaping, too?!?

    A truly progressive people.

  2. yes Conan was polite and asked in advance, making him less of a god as well.
    The manscaping invention was an obvious follow on once those loose toga parties began.

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