Toyota has reported a surprise fiscal fourth quarter profit and predicted a surge in net profit this fiscal year. This is despite its major recall of over 8.5m vehicles after problems with defective accelerator pedals.

Toyota stocks performing well

The faulty brakes in Toyota’s cars were a clear metaphor for the near collapse of the world financial system over the last two years. I decided to build a working engine and park it outside the New York stock exchange as a symbol of the complicated machine that is the financial market and its capability to both improve our lives and cause terrible mishaps.

The message is simple; whether dealing with giant stock markets or building a single car, the tiniest fault or poor piece of judgement can lead to horrific consequences. We need to always remain vigilant and cautious in life and never become lazy in our planning or decision making.

Unfortunately my knowledge of mechanics is admittedly very limited. I also never got around to researching proper instructions on building an engine and had hoped I could kind of figure it out as I went along.

Eventually I arrived at this ball of tangled steel pipes that I tied together with string. So far attempts to start a car with it have failed.