The EU and IMF are hammering out a deal to bail out the struggling Greek economy. Europe’s more fiscally prudent countries have been reluctant to lend to the spendthrift Greeks, but analysts warn that failure to act now could destabilise the euro. – The Guardian

ARTWORK: Canary in the four bedroom flat

Several months ago, our flatmate was always falling asleep the moment she sat down. We all would laugh at her hilarious narcolepsy. Then one day I smelt gas coming from our old and poorly-installed boiler.

We had a bad gas leak and had to call the National Gas Emergency Line.

Was it possible that our dear flatmate Katie’s constant, light comas had been her poor, weak body trying to warn us of the danger lurking in our shoddy house? Was her body also trying to warn us, through artful metaphor, of the impending Greek debt crisis, which was to hit just a month later, and itself hint at a poisonous sovereign debt time bomb for the EU as a whole, stemming from the financial crisis of 2008?

It seems likely.

I have made a very simple sculpture in tribute to the months of fatigue that Katie endured to try to help her housemates and Europe. This is an impression of the new boiler our landlord very reluctantly installed that eventually meant we finally had pressure in our shower head and I wasn’t kept awake all night by the boiler clanging when anyone flushed the toilet.

I pray for a similar outcome for the EU economy.