Thousands of travellers are facing continuing misery after the suspension of flights in and out of the UK was extended as the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland spread across Europe. Many stranded passengers said the biggest pain came from ‘not knowing’.

Icelandic Ash Cloud

The agony these people were facing, as they wondered how long they would be stranded for, threw me back to a dark period in my life. In early January 2010  my online rental DVDs never arrived in the post. The pain I felt in not knowing what had happened to them was very reminiscent of what I see in this news story.

I made this sculpture out of fibreglass and plaster. I then set it up on a busy London street between King’s Cross and Angel. After a few hours, commuters began to deposit letters in it, not realising it was a piece of art rather than a functioning post box. After three days it was filled with letters. I then burnt the letters whilst reading aloud from old school report cards that were critical of me.

I have called the piece Disappointment.

It’s about the connection that exists between all humanity because we all face disappointment on a near daily basis, whether it be from our flight not taking off, a report card calling us ‘easily distracted’, a Harry Potter DVD not arriving that we weren’t even excited about to begin with or our letter never being posted because it was unknowingly put in a fake post box/art work.